COVID-19 and ART, Fertility and Sterility and Reproductive Medicine

COVID-19 and ART, the view of the Italian Society of Fertility and Sterility and Reproductive Medicine

Alberto Vaiarelli, Carlo Bulletti, Danilo Cimadomo, Andrea Borini, Carlo Alviggi, Silvia Ajossa, Paola Anserini, Gianluca Gennarelli, Maurizio Guido, Paolo E Levi-Setti, Antonio Palagiano, Roberto Palermo, Valeria Savasi, Antonio Pellicer, Laura Rienzi, Filippo M. Ubaldi


The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global situation. As assisted reproductive technology (ART) specialists, we should be cautious, carefully monitoring the situation while contributing by sharing novel evidence to counsel our patients, both pregnant women and would-be mothers. Time to egg collection and drop-out rates are critical parameters for scheduling treatments once the curve of infections has peaked and plateaued in each country. In order to reduce the values for these two parameters, infertile patients now require even more support from their IVF team: urgent oocyte collection for oncology patients must be guaranteed, and oocyte retrievals for women of advanced maternal age and/or reduced ovarian reserve cannot be postponed indefinitely. This document represents the position of the Italian Society of Fertility and Sterility and Reproductive Medicine (SIFES-MR) in outlining ART priorities during and after this emergency.

Key words: Advanced maternal age, COVID-19, Oncology patients, Poor-prognosis patients, Reduced ovarian reserve, SARS-CoV-2